James Madison University

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

How to Apply to the BSN Program

Declare Nursing as your major:

Incoming and transfer students:

The JMU Bachelor’s of Nursing program is not a direct admit program. Therefore, incoming freshman and transfer students will declare the nursing major when you register for orientation. This will enable you to be assigned to a nursing advisor during orientation and throughout your time at JMU who can answer your questions and help you plan your course of academic study. For more information about the application process for transfer or incoming freshman please see  BSN admissions  FAQ

Currently Enrolled Change in Major:

If you do not enter JMU as a nursing major and desire to change to nursing, you will need to complete a “Change of Major” form by the school deadline. In order to change your major to nursing, you must have a GPA of > 3.0 and meet with the nursing academic advisor.

Complete the nursing requirements and prerequisites:

Get Advising Help for the Nursing Major

In order to apply to the nursing program you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a minimum JMU GPA of a 3.00
  • Complete 36 credit hours prior to beginning the program
  • Be an enrolled JMU student
    • *Transfer students must complete 1 semester as a full-time student at JMU prior to applying the BSN program
  • Must be declared as a nursing major
  • No grades lower than a C- will be accepted in any prerequisite course
  • Complete the following courses (View a Sample Program of Study for Freshman and Sophomore Year)
    • Prior to applying:
      • Chem 120 – Concepts of Chemistry
        • Students who complete Chem 131 & Chem 132 will have the reported grades averaged to calculate their eligibility
      • MATH 220 – Statistics
      • 2 Biology courses (choose from BIO 270 – physiology, BIO 280 – Microbiology, or Bio 290 – Anatomy)
    • Before entering the program:
      • NUTR 280 – Nutrition
      • GPSYC 160 – Developmental Psychology
      • 3rd Biology course  (choose from BIO 270, BIO 280, or BIO 290)

Complete the BSN Application to the Nursing Program:

Submit the BSN application by set dates:

There are two admission rounds each year for admission into the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. Each round admits 90 students.

For Fall admission:

  • Application due December 1st
  • Transcripts due January 11th
  • Students will be notified February 15th

For Spring admission:

  • Application due July 1st
  • Transcripts due August 31st
  • Students will be notified by September 15th

In order to begin the nursing program, at time of entry to the first full semester, you must:

Have completed all required nursing requirements and prerequisite courses:

  • Requirements:
    • Be a declared nursing major
    • Be an enrolled JMU student
    • Maintain a GPA of at least a 3.0 or higher prior to entry in the nursing program.
    • Have completed at least 48 academic credits
    • Meet the school’s Technical Standards
  • Complete the following nursing prerequisites courses (or approved equivalents) with a grade of C- or higher)
    • CHEM 120, MATH 220, GPSYC 160, NUTR 280, BIO 270, BIO 280, and BIO 290
      • Students transferring in Anatomy & Physiology I & II as BIO 270 and BIO 290 will have the reported grades averaged to calculate their eligibility
      • Students who complete Chem 131 & Chem 132 will have the reported grades averaged to calculate their eligibility

** Admission to the Nursing program is competitive. Admission is based on all student qualifications but GPA is a strong consideration. Meeting the minimum requirement does not guarantee admission into the BSN program. You must apply and be fully admitted to the nursing program to begin taking nursing courses.