James Madison University

Mission, Vision & Values


We engage students, faculty and communities through dynamic and innovative nursing education, practice and scholarship to influence health in our world.


To be a SON nationally recognized for academic excellence and innovative contributions to health care.


We value: Description: Sample Behaviors:
Integrity Act in a manner consistent with ethical reasoning and stated personal and professional values.
  • Engaging in honest and factual communication
  • Demonstrating congruency between action and communication
  • Being accountable (accepting responsibility for upholding values)
  • Presenting and upholding professional value systems and nursing code of ethics
Caring Promoting health, healing and hope in response to the human condition Caring incorporates the core ANA values of altruism, human dignity, integrity, autonomy and social justice.
  • In combination with technical and scientific knowledge and skills, the nurse communicates and demonstrates concern, empathy, compassion and intention to help
  • Active listening
  • Demonstrates a commitment to act in the best interest of all stakeholders
Excellence We maintain the highest standards of teaching, scholarship and clinical practice.
  • Demonstrate clinical reasoning through the use of evidence-based practices
  • Synthesize knowledge, skills and attitudes to promote health
  • Contribute to nursing practices through research and analysis
  • Seek innovation in teaching, scholarship and clinical practice
Collaboration A partnership to achieve mutual goals to influence health.
  • Engage in inter-professional education, community service, scholarship, collaborative practice
  • Initiate / conduct research with departmental and community partners
  • Establish mentoring partnerships
Advocacy We are committed to giving voice to those we serve.
  • Actively engaging in activities that influence social, health and academic policies
  • Facilitating and respecting informed decision making
  • Championing access to resources