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Nursing Simulation and Clinical Labs

Welcome to the Simulation Laboratory at the James Madison University School of Nursing. Located in Burruss Hall, the 6000 square foot learning facility provides nursing students the opportunity to enhance their skills in a life-like learning environment through practice-based, hands-on education.  The simulation laboratories are equipped with low, moderate, and high-fidelity patient simulators from across the lifespan allowing students to experience realistic patient care scenarios in a positive learning environment. Currently, there are five individual laboratories each with a specific focus on medical/surgical, health assessment, maternal-child, critical care and community based nursing.  In addition, students have access to a 10 bed hospital lab in which to practice their nursing skills.  The purpose of the skills lab is to provide students with an opportunity to practice technical skills and critical thinking prior to entering the clinical setting.

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  • Prepare the student for the clinical nursing environment through learning experiences which employ simulation and technology. 
  • Encourage learning through scenario-based simulations to engage the processes of critical thinking and psychomotor skills. 


The JMU laboratories provide an atmosphere in which students learn how to respond to patient conditions in a safe, professional manner and supportive environment. Students work in small groups with clinical faculty to ensure learning is relevant, appropriate and timely.  Additionally, four of the simulation environments are equipped with audio-visual equipment which record student responses and interventions during the course of the simulations.  The video-recording of student practices enables the instructor to provide debriefing sessions that allow for reflection and evaluative feedback of both the learner and the team. 

Current and Future Simulation Development

The intent and the focus of simulation in the JMU School of Nursing are to continue to develop nursing practices for students through a variety of technological applications and simulation scenarios.  The JMU School of Nursing in collaboration with the university is dedicated to continually improving simulation applications to enhance the nursing curriculum. The newest technology to be implemented will be an electronic health record software program, which will be implemented with the incoming fall 2013 nursing students.The future simulation labs include state of the art learning environments in the new health sciences building projected to be completed in 2016. 

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