James Madison University

Standardized Persons

Standardized Persons (SPs) are paid actors who portray the role of a patient, family member, caregiver as part of a simulation based learning experience.  During patient care scenarios, SP’s become part of the simulation “script” and provide a level of realism that helps prepare students to interact with people versus a manikin.  Prior to an experience, SP’s are oriented to their role and are given the opportunity to review and rehearse before the live simulation performance.  SP’s are used for undergraduate and graduate experiences and are compensated hourly.

The School of Nursing welcomes any individual over the age of 18 to become an SP.  Key responsibilities for SP’s include:

  • Reliable with prompt attendance
  • Ability to memorize a simple 1-2 page script and ad lib as appropriate
  • Communication skills
  • Willingness to have nursing assessments and interventions performed on you (nothing invasive)
  • Ability to maintain privacy and confidentiality with simulation information
  • Positive attitude
  • Willingness to be recorded using audiovisual equipment

Become a Standardized Person

If you are interested in becoming a paid Standardized Person, please contact Rebecca Hummel at hummelrb@jmu.edu or (540) 568-8825.