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RN-BSN Overview

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May 7, 2020: Applicants for the Fall 2020 semester - Please follow the existing instructions to apply. Transcript reviews for Fall 2020 must be complete by June 15.


Effective for the Spring 2021 semester, the RN-BSN program will now be a direct apply program. Following submission of the application, applicants should send their official transcripts for a complete transcript review.  Once the transcript review is completed, results of that review will be emailed to the applicant. A link to the application will be posted in August when we will begin accepting applications for the Spring 2021 semester. We encourage prospective applicants to review our requirements before applying. All requirements and application deadlines will remain the same. Questions may be directed to the RN-BSN Operations Coordinator at martinvl@jmu.edu.

The RN to BSN (RN-BSN) program provides flexible online learning opportunities for students who are graduates of community college or diploma nursing schools and are licensed registered nurses (RN) –OR– students who are currently enrolled in a VCCS RN program. Students who hold a baccalaureate degree from JMU or another institution may earn a second baccalaureate degree in James Madison University’s RN-BSN program.

  • Classes offered online to allow students to maintain employment while completing the BSN degree.
  • Offers full-time or part-time enrollment.
  • Provides a supportive environment for students within a community of learning.
  • Combines practical experience with role development as a BSN nurse.
  • Provides a foundation for professional practice and equips students for further opportunities afforded through graduate study and advance practice.
  • Aims to empower graduates to be active consumers of research to inform practice, to be comfortable with advancing technology in health care delivery, to be change agents within the practice arena, and to be astute clinical practitioners or managers.
  • Emphasizes the care of underserved, rural, or culturally diverse individuals within the acute care and community settings.
  • Students proceed through the program as part of a cohort of adult learners: sharing experiences, supporting and encouraging one another, and celebrating each other's success.

For questions or additional information, please contact the RN-BSN operations coordinator, Victoria Martineau at martinvl@jmu.edu or at 540-568-7612.

RN to BSN graduates in graduation regalia